Meet Our Team: Tyson Frantz, Motion Graphics Reviewer

Motion Graphics reviewer, Tyson Frantz

We caught up with Senior VideoHive Reviewer Tyson Frantz, about his motion graphics background, his Envato journey, review tips and inspiration. Check it out below!

The best items provide something fresh and new that customers may have never seen before.

Tyson Frantz Senior Reviewer, VideoHive

Tell us about how yourself. How did you get started with Envato?

I’m a motion graphics designer by trade. I have over 20 years of experience in building animated graphics for some of the most well known brands and corporations in the world. I’ve worked in post production and content creation throughout my career.

Because of this, I actually started my journey with Envato as an Author before I was involved in content review. In 2011, I joined VideoHive as MotionRevolver. A few years later, I was hired as a VideoHive Reviewer in 2012, then promoted to Senior Reviewer in 2014. 

As the Senior Reviewer on VideoHive, I make sure that the review ship is sailing smoothly at all times. I lead the review team in day-to-day activities and make sure that the review queue is moving along. I try to ensure Authors don’t have to wait too long for their items to be approved. I’ve reviewed tens of thousands of items for VideoHive—so I’ve seen it all!

What or who inspires you?

I actually derive the majority of my inspiration from TV! More specifically, I like to look at broadcast news and sports graphic packages from outlets such as MSNBC, CNBC, ESPN, CBS, BBC, etc.

The major networks use a huge variety of styles on their programs. The motion graphics they use vary from highly complex to incredibly minimalistic. I find that watching them on a daily basis is a great way to stay on top of current trends and techniques.

In your opinion, what makes the perfect motion graphic?

There really is a simple, tried and true formula to creating great motion graphics content. All excellent motion graphics share 3 traits:

  1. Visual quality and expert execution
    These are paramount to any motion graphics item. Regardless of how simple or complex the design, concept, or animation might be, it’s important that it looks high-quality.
  2. Uniqueness
    The best items provide something fresh and new that customers may have never seen before.
  3. Broad audience appeal
    At the end of the day, selling items is the point, right? The best way to increase sales is to create content that might appeal to a larger group of potential customers.

How do you keep up to date with the latest motion graphics trends? 

Modern design trends are everywhere, from broadcast television to social media. 

Sometimes motion graphics design trends will begin their life in a completely different medium such as print or web design and transition to animated form.

I try to remain open and perceptive to all forms of design around me, from the fonts and typography being used in ads, to trending color palettes and photography techniques. 

Are there any motion graphics trends that you think Authors need to keep an eye on?

It’s not so much a style trend, but all Authors need to keep a very close eye on generative AI. Generative AI has the potential of being the biggest disrupter to the digital creative industries in our lifetime.

Animated generative AI is still in its infancy, but is quickly improving. Soon people will be able to create studio quality and awe-inspiring content at the push of a button.

It’s important for Authors to stay on top of new technology so that they can take advantage of tools that will become available in the future. To me, that’s what will be crucial in the months and years going forward.

Which Envato Authors inspire you? 

I don’t want to name names in case I forget anyone! However, I will say that the Authors who inspire me aren’t necessarily those who sell the most.

The most inspirational Authors are ones who take chances and live on the cutting edge of modern design trends. I have a lot of respect for Authors who resist falling into the trap of chasing the crowd. I love when people find their niche and provide something new and unique for the marketplace.

Of course, as a reviewer, I love when Authors focus on creating superior content and who put an an emphasis on quality over quantity.

What do you want to see more of as a reviewer?

If I had a magic wand, I would resurrect the community-focused environment that VideoHive was when it began. There was a great deal of Authors helping each other and a general sense of conversation and collaboration in the forums that I greatly miss. 

What are the common reasons for rejections in this space?

There are 2 main things that get items rejected on VideoHive:

  1. The item’s visual quality that doesn’t meet modern standards or expectations
  2. Authors have submitted ‘iterative works‘. What I mean by that is that the marketplace already contains dozens or hundreds of similar files, or that the Author’s own portfolio contains too many similar items.

What’s your advice for Authors who have had their items rejected?

Firstly, don’t be discouraged! Almost every Author on Envato has had items rejected, for a variety of reasons.

If you’re a new (or newish) Author, then you might just be working out how to create the right kind of item for the marketplace. Take it slowly as you work out your personal style and how it works for the marketplace.

I recommend that you concentrate on nailing the visual appeal of your items first, and go from there. Submit a few items at a time and see what the feedback is for them, and make sure you’re on the right track.

If you’re still getting lots of items rejected, then ask for help from your peers!

I always recommend Authors reach out to the community in the Video Authors forum to ask for input on quality or execution. The Envato Author community is such a valuable resource—make the most of it!

If you want to get more tips from Envato’s experts, check out our Envato Reveals series!

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