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Top seasonal events that customers search for on Elements. Filter the tool by quarter to find future seasonal events that need to be created now, to ensure they’re available in time. Eg. For an event in August, start creating your item in May.

Each event card includes suggested terms to use in tags and titles, based on customer search data.

April 9

Top Search Terms: Easter, Happy Easter, Easter Egg, Rabbit, cross, good friday, easter bunny, palm sunday, lent, easter egg …

April 21

Top Search Terms: Eid, Eid al-Fitr, eid prayers, eid mubarak, eid al adha, eid adha, adha, eid ul adha,

May 14
Mother’s Day (USA)

Top Search Terms: Mothers day, mother, mom, happy mothers day, mothers

May 29
Memorial Day (USA)

Top Search Terms: Memorial day, memorial, armed forces

June 1
Pride Month

Top Search Terms: Pride, pride month, rainbow, lgbt, lgbtqia+, pride flag, rainbow flag

June 5
World Environment Day

Top Search Terms: World environment day, environment day, earth, environmental

June 21
Summer (Northern Hemisphere)

Top Search Terms: summer, camping, pool, bbq, vacation, summer party, grill, watermelon, picnic, swimming pool, pool party, …