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Creative Stock Item Opportunities: September—October
Audio, Graphics, Photos, Videos

Creative Stock Item Opportunities: September–October 2023

Audio, Graphics, Photos, Videos, Web & Code

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How Video Templates Are Revolutionizing Branding

Graphics, Photos, Videos

Seasonal Trend Alert: September–November 2023

Audio, Graphics, Photos, Videos

Creative Stock Item Opportunities: July–August 2023

Graphics, Photos, Videos

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Top seasonal events that customers search for on Elements. Filter the tool by quarter to find future seasonal events that need to be created now, to ensure they’re available in time. Eg. For an event in August, start creating your item in May.

Each event card includes suggested terms to use in tags and titles, based on customer search data.

July 4
Independence Day USA

Top search terms: Independence day, 4th July, American flag, fourth of July, July 4th,

August 15
Independence Day India

Independence Day, Indian flag, independence day India,

August 16
Independence Day Pakistan

Top Search Terms: Independence Day, pakistan flag, independence day pakistan

September 1
Autumn Northern Hemisphere

(September – November) Top Search Terms: autumn, fall, leaves, falling leaves, autumn festival

September 4
Labor Day (US & Canada)

Top Search Terms: labor day, labour day, labor day weekend,