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12 Inspiring Author Stories Of 2022

At Envato, our community is extremely important to us. We have a pool of very talented and inspirational creatives from all around the world creating high-quality content for Elements and Market.

We champion our Authors and love helping them to share their stories and celebrate their successes. That’s why when launching the Author Hub earlier this year, we created a dedicated Author section to showcase our wonderful contributors.

Throughout this year we have featured a variety of heart-warming and inspiring stories from our brilliant Authors, where they have shared their inspirations, the challenges they face, and their tips for success. 

As the year draws to a close, let’s take a look back on the amazing Author stories we have shared that have made us feel inspired and empowered.


Webvilla is the creative identity of Polish designer Beata Pijanowska who produces a wide range of work for Elements’ extensive library, with her watercolor designs spanning the categories of graphicsgraphics templates, and fonts.

She uses Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Illustrator, Clip Paint Studio, Sketchbook, Artstudio Pro, Vectornator, and Corel Painter to create her beautiful floral illustrations. “I buy plugins, brushes, and paints more often than I shop for dresses. My favorite software is Affinity Designer,” says Beata.

Never stop learning – new techniques, new programs, new approaches in graphic design.

Webvilla Graphics Author


Stock Footage Author, FrameStock, is a talented company that brings unique cinematic content to Envato Elements.

After struggling to find professional production studios in their city in Ukraine, they decided to set up their own Hollywood-level video production company that specializes in creating stock footage.

Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd, break stereotypes and rules, and experiment.

FrameStock Video Author, Envato


Marika Belous, otherwise known as barsrsind on Envato Elements, is a talented graphic designer, illustrator, and all-round creative.

She was the second-place winner of our 16th Birthday Competition, where she created this quirky video.

She loves creating cool, stylish graphics that help clients solve different problems. “I’m very happy when I see a beautiful quality product advertisement, an interesting article, or a soulful postcard using my design elements,” she says.

Periodically update your skills, and try new styles and themes. Most importantly always analyze the market and customer trends.

barsrind Graphics Author, Envato


Derek Palmer—AKA palmtreep—is a freelance film composer, musician, electronic music producer, and DJ from the United States. His work spans a multitude of genres ranging from film scoring and trailer music to EDM dance music.

The talented audio Author recently won Envato’s 16th Birthday Competition in the creative category, where he created a thrilling movie-like trailer to represent his successes.

From featuring in video games and movie trailers and working with big clients like Universal Studios, palmtreep has shown what is possible for aspiring composers.

Make sure you enjoy what you’re doing. Being creative isn’t always easy. But knowing you love what you do helps when things don’t seem to be moving very quickly.

palmtreep Audio Author, Envato


Author Credit: danjazzia

Envato Elements Author danjazzia has attracted a following for his colorful, abstract graphics and illustrations. Featuring a bright and bold color palette, surreal scenes, and geometric shapes, danjazzia’s work is instantly recognizable.

He loves combining people and objects and uses CorelDrawAdobe Illustrator, and Photoshop to create his cool illustrations. “I would define my art as a digital painting rather than commercial illustration,” he says.

Just do what you like and try not to copy anyone – be unique and interesting.

danjazzia Graphics Author, Envato


Chris Skipper—AKA HushSounds—is a freelance composer, music producer, podcast guru, and all-around audio lover. 

He has worked with high-end brands, scored music for hundreds of commercials, and composed music for TV and film as well as creating spell-binding tracks on Envato.

The talented audio Author, recently won Envato’s 16th Birthday Competition in the Storytelling category, where he shared his story about how his love for music and finding Envato broke the monotony of his normal 9-5 job. Listen to his winning track here.

Put your art out into the world no matter what anybody else thinks. You’ll be surprised what connections you make.

HushSounds Audio Author, Envato


Author Credit: scopioimages

scopioimages is a photo Author on Envato Elements. Scopio is a photography-focused storytelling platform where anyone can share images from around the world. It is the first female-founded NFT marketplace, with the goal of elevating human stories told by people from underrepresented communities.

In our Q&A with scopio founder, we delve into the world of NFTs, discuss current photo trends and find out more about the release of her new photo book, The Year Time Stopped—which sets out to influence and inspire other creatives.

Collaborate with others, help other people be in your story, and elevate their voices for more success for all of you. You will be more successful the more you collaborate.

scopioimages Photo Author, Envato


Recognized for their creative, versatile style, Envato Author M-e-f – AKA Ukrainian artist Igor Vitkovskiy – has a portfolio filled with experimental materials and textures on Envato Elements.

M-e-f’s work includes a variety of graphicsgraphics templates, and add-ons. Taking inspiration from nature, technology, and human culture, m-e-f creates awesome Photoshop brushes. “It’s a great area for experimentation with endless possibilities. I create pressure-sensitive brushes to paint with, and when I’m satisfied with the result – I share the brushes with others,” they say.  

It takes time to build a portfolio and find your own style, so do what brings you the most joy and satisfaction.

m-e-f Graphics Author, Envato


Marina Stoylik is not only a video Author on Envato Elements and Videohive but a talented videographer who captures her content whilst traveling the world.

With a passion for all things nature, Marina travels far and wide to suss out the best content opportunities. From scaling mountains to exploring lava caves, using her drone she shoots amazing footage, showing the world from new heights.

“I love traveling in the mountains. I am inspired by nature and our planet rather than by cool buildings in cities and I love that nature in some places is unique and can’t be found elsewhere,” she says.  

When traveling, you don’t have to chase the frame. You need to enjoy the moment and nature and the story will find you.

MStoylik Video Author, Envato


Procreate pros pixelbuddha produces a range of graphics, templates, mockups and versatile creative tools on Envato Elements.

The brains behind pixelbuddha, Nick Frost, and Greg Lapin turned a two-man project into a full-blown professional agency. In our Q&A, they share their tips on how to use Procreate, and how they go about creating incredible design assets for Envato Elements.

Develop and broaden your skills. The market is evolving, and you should quickly adapt to the changes. Read a lot, watch a lot, and follow the leaders of the industry.

pixelbuddha Graphics Author, Envato


Power Elite Author, Ninja Team, helps people navigate the complicated world of WordPress with their user-friendly plugins and themes.

With a love for solving problems and crafting aesthetics, they’re on a mission to make it as easy as possible for beginners to start building with WordPress. “We aim to help more people to get the right insights and ideas for building a website so they can start their own business,” they explain.

I would encourage our fellow Authors to give and share more. It would be great if smaller businesses like us could team up to work and grow together.

NinjaTeam Web & Code Author, Envato


Author Credit: NassyArt

Anastasia Smiyan, aka NassyArt is a talented designer who creates beautiful graphics on Envato Elements. She’s known for her stunning line-art and watercolor illustrations.

Amongst some of her work, you’ll find portraits featuring a variety of women and people who identify as women. “While I like to draw women, to me it doesn’t matter what gender you are. The main thing is what you’re capable of. People should be judged for their achievements and hard work, not for their gender.” 

Compare yourself today with you yesterday. The work you put in now is the best investment in your future.

NassyArt Graphics Author, Envato

If you’re looking for advice from successful Authors or want to connect with your fellow creatives, check out the Author Stories section on the Author Hub. And if you want to share your story, then we’d love to hear from you!

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