Traveling The World With Video Producer MStoylik

Marina Stoylik is not only a video Author on Envato Elements and Videohive but a talented videographer who captures her content whilst traveling the world.

With a passion for all things nature, Marina travels far and wide to suss out the best content opportunities. From scaling mountains to exploring lava caves, using her drone she shoots amazing footage, showing the world from new heights.

Marina, otherwise known as MStoylik is a video guru who has turned her love of traveling into a successful career. We caught up with her to talk about all things traveling and to find out how she produces video content while exploring the world.

What’s your background and how did you get into video creation? 

I have been a photographer for 13 years but about 6 years ago I started filming videos and I realized that photography does not convey emotions and dynamics the same way that video does. You can watch a video of grass moving in the wind and imagine the noise of the grass, or you can add sound to the video and watch and listen. Photography is static and does not give these same sensations. I still love taking photos but I love videos so much more!

We loved your creative submission to our 16th Birthday Competition. Talk us through the thinking behind your entry…

I entered Envato’s 16th Birthday Competition because I wanted to show how videography can show live emotions and feelings and can show the world to people. I wanted my video to show how video can be dynamic and cool. 

You create amazing travel content—can you run us through your process from shooting to creation?

I carefully plan my travels and know exactly what places I want to see and shoot. I always have my camera and drone with me so that I don’t miss a shot at any moment. The drone allows you to rise above the clouds and see the world from a completely different angle. With each trip, you want to fly higher and see more. 

What have been your favorite places to travel so far and shoot content? 

Most of all I love traveling in the mountains. I am inspired by nature and our planet rather than by cool buildings in cities and I love that nature in some places is unique and can’t be found elsewhere. 

I love nature in Russia. We have a huge country with a diverse landscape. I have been to Dagestan, Sakhalin, Kuril Islands, Altai, Tyva, Mongolia, Crimea, and Kamchatka. The most spectacular nature is in Kamchatka— it’s hard to believe that this is on our planet. The land is covered with lava caves for many kilometers and near the craters, it is so hot that you can even fry sausages! How fantastic. My heart stopped when I used my drone here because of its sheer beauty. 

What are the challenges you’ve faced while traveling and producing? 

Natural conditions do not always allow you to shoot content on a camera, so I always make sure that I have an iPhone pro version with me that allows me to replace equipment and capture the moment. 

How do you create high-quality stock footage? What expert tips can you share? 

In natural stock footage, the plot is important. You want an Inspirational frame. It can be a person against the background of nature or a stunning landscape or the unusual glare of the sun on plants. This plot must be smoothed out and filmed in time because nature and weather will not wait for you.

Many people say that using super professional equipment is important for stock footage but I think if the frame is so amazing and only your phone is at hand and you have knowledge of composition, this shot will also be sold. 

What’s the most rewarding/challenging piece of work you’ve created and why?

Every job requires effort— sometimes less, sometimes more. If we’re talking about shooting nature, then climbing uphill for 10-20 km with all of your equipment is pretty tough. It’s not so easy anymore. 

Getting the perfect shot requires attention and strength. When I use my drone I always feel a little stressed. For example, when I was shooting this aerial shot in Kamchatka, magnetic volcanic sand stuck to the motors of the drone from the wind and the drone had to be repaired. In Dagestan, I climbed behind a broken drone to a height of 60m but it’s worth it—it’s like a drug, I love shooting videos that can’t be filmed from the ground.

Author Credit: MStoylik

Are there any video trends that you are loving at the moment?

I want nature shots to become popular. Today, business shots and footage of people with gadgets are sold much more but the tourism trend is gaining momentum, which is great!

What main programs, tools or techniques do you use to create your work?

I do editing and coloring in DaVinchi. For me, this is the best application as there are many functions in one program. I only use drones from the DJI brand, this is a reliable technique that has been proven over the years. For a camera, I have been using Fujifilm for many years as they produce high-quality photos and videos in one camera.

How has Envato helped your journey as a creator?

Envato allows me to earn while traveling. I can create my footage as I travel and then have money to pay for my next trip. You always want your work to bring income and if your work is also your hobby, it’s really cool!

Author Credit: MStoylik

What are your top tips for budding travel video creators wanting to make a career from their work?

When traveling, you don’t have to chase the frame. You need to enjoy the moment and nature and the story will find you. 

What’s the key thing for video creators to keep in mind when capturing engaging, unique video content?

When capturing unique video content, don’t forget about camera settings and compositional rules because the same frame can be shot very well and very badly. Keep practicing as with more practice you can handle any situation.

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