Meet our Authors: Luckyshoe

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Elements Author Kseniya (AKA luckyshoe) is the winner of our recent creative process competition. She is a Ukrainian photographer and Author with a distinct style of sleek product photography and stylish flatlays.

After seeing her winning entry, we just had to catch up with her to try and understand her background, inspiration, and creative process.

Where are you from?

I am from Odessa, Ukraine. 

What’s your background? 

I started from learning and working in web design. But over time I felt that there wasn’t enough for me there. Too often the client’s desire was more important than common sense!

I wanted more freedom, value and creativity in my work. So I decided to dive into stock photography.

Kseniya Envato Author, Luckyshoe

How did you get into photography?

Photography has been my passion since I was young. I was heavily inspired by nature and wanted a way to capture the beauty around me.

My first camera was Fujifilm. It had manual mode so it gave me some understanding in photography. I was excited to learn how it works and went further. To go from that to seeing my photos used in billboards was pretty cool.

I used to be full time, but now I am a full time mom for two little girls and work part time.

Above: a selection of luckyshoe’s photos available on Elements.

What was your inspiration for your entry into our creative process competition?

New camera I save for to shoot new amazing works. And also it was a challenge for me how to shoot the entry really creatively.

When I opened the email about competition I was like: “oh my god, I need to shoot this” and then: “oh my god, how to do this creatively?” 

What do you like most about photography?

It allows to express a vision/idea of Author and also to capture the moment right here and right now.

You don’t need much in your kit. I mainly use Adobe Photoshop, Canon DSLR, and my Godox light. The most important thing is my open mind and creativity.

The other thing I like is while working I dive into another universe as luckyshoe that has own rules where time slows down and there is only me with my vision, my camera and the scene I need to capture.

It seems just few seconds and I can feel my heartbeat. I feel very peaceful and excited at the same time. Nothing makes me feel so special and happy. 

What’s next for luckyshoe?

At the moment I am super excited to dive into video production. My profession is stock photography and now with the development of technology and AI, things are not the same as they were.

My passion for video started long before I realized that and now I just open my heart for new things. Photography remains my forever passion no matter what.

Above: a selection of luckyshoe’s photos available on Elements.

What makes a good photo? To me it is something that has a clear idea, mood, or an atmosphere that you can get from the first second you look at it.

Kseniya Author, Luckyshoe

Who are your inspirations in the industry? 

Some of my biggest inspirations are Annie Leibovitz, Sergei Sarakhanov, and Polina Washington

What are your top tips for other photographers and creatives wanting to make a career from their work?

Your vision is your gem. Train it everyday by observing people, events, art and all things around you. Combine this observation with your deep inner voice/massage and expression to get best results in your work. 

Your vision is your gem. Train it everyday by observing people, events, art and all things around you.

Kseniya Envato Author, Luckyshoe

Who in the Author community inspires you?

I love the Zamurovic Brothers

Above: some of the photos on Elements from the Zamurovic Brothers. Check them out on Instagram.

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