Meet Our Authors: Dream_motion

Mihiran Mawela, aka Dream_motion, is a talented video creator in the Author community who creates retro motion graphics on Elements and Videohive.

From funky logo reveals to cinematic movie trailers, Dream_motion is an inspiring creative who uses video to express emotions. We caught up with him to discuss his tips and tricks for creating engaging high-quality video templates.

What’s your background and how did you get into video template creation?

I’m a motion graphics designer. I’ve had a passion for animation since childhood, I honed my skills through hard work, self-learning, and formal training at an institute. I gained valuable experience working at TV stations and video production companies, honing my abilities and developing my style. 

I was inspired by my brother-in-law, who was an Author on Videohive, to create templates and share my work with the world. Despite the setbacks and rejections, I never gave up and eventually saw my hard work pay off when Envato approved my first project. That was a huge turning point in my life and career.

What do you love about working in video and why?

Video is the best way to express emotions, imagination and convey a message to an audience. As a creative individual, I have many imaginative ideas I’d love to bring to life. I believe that creating animated videos is the perfect medium for doing so.

Envato provides me with the platform to showcase my full creative potential, and I couldn’t be more excited to get started.

What/who inspires your work?

My journey to becoming an Envato Author was sparked by the encouragement and influence of talented animators. Their work continues to inspire me daily, as does anything that showcases exceptional artistic merit.

My wife is the secret behind my creativity. We always share our ideas and I show her the final result before uploading a project.

How do you create high-quality motion graphics? What expert tips/tricks/hacks can you share?

I firmly believe that the first idea is not always the best one. In my design process, I often take the time to refine my ideas, sometimes spending days or even months until I am fully satisfied with the result. As a helpful tip, I would suggest taking a break once you believe your creation is complete. This allows you to approach it with a fresh perspective and potentially identify areas for improvement.

Where’s the most exciting place you’ve seen your items/footage used?

I was delighted to discover that my work was featured in a popular Indian song. To my surprise, not one, but two of my templates were incorporated into the same musical production.

How has Envato helped your journey as a creator?

Envato has provided me with the opportunity to fully showcase my unique creativity without any limitations. As a motion designer, having the freedom to express my artistic vision is critical in achieving high-quality results.

What makes you most excited as a creator online?

Being an online creator gives me the advantage of having a wider audience across multiple countries. It brings me great happiness to receive compliments and constructive feedback from those who have engaged with my creations.

Are there any video trends that you love at the moment?

Undoubtedly, my all-time favorite style is RETRO.

What main programs, tools, or techniques do you use to create your work?

I primarily utilize Adobe After Effects. On occasion, I also turn to Autodesk
3D’s Max and Maxon Cinema 4D to incorporate 3D elements into my projects.

How do you come up with new and exciting template ideas?

My imaginative gaze is constantly on the lookout for new ideas, no matter where they may arise. I can take these concepts and transform them into captivating templates. When I come across an intriguing idea, I eagerly work to bring it to life.

What are your top tips for video creators just starting out?

Maintain your identity. Keep pushing forward. Continuously give your best effort, as this is a competition in which you should strive to reach new heights of success.

Feeling inspired by Dream_motion? Head over to Envato Elements and start creating today! Or, for more creative inspiration, check out our Q&A with video whizz MStoylik.

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