Meet Our Author: videologio

Videologio is a talented online video creator who has been creating content on Envato for 14 years.

From retro film transitions to eye-catching lyric videos, videologio creates on-trend video templates to help customers with their creative projects. We caught up with him to find out about his journey as a video creator, his favorite trends, and his top tips for generating exciting template ideas.

What’s your background and how did you get into video template creation? 

The journey began back in my teenage years when I got my first digital camera. It was a small MiniDV cam, nothing fancy like today’s social media equipment, but it was a really big thing for me. I started to shoot and edit and later I experimented with simple motion graphics.

In the meantime, I took up my formal education in Electronics Engineering, but making videos was my passion for years. When I got my diploma, Greece was facing one of the biggest financial crises in its modern history, so I started searching for job opportunities online. In 2010, I came across Videohive and I had this amazing idea of becoming an AE templates Author. It seems that I made the right decision as after a lot of rejections and hard work, I am now in my 14th year as an Author on Envato. 

What do you love about working in video and why?

I really enjoy the creative process. I have a great idea, and I feel that my career makes sense for a moment. Obviously, not all my ideas get to be transformed into good projects, but you learn to manage this risk over the years. 

What/who inspires your work? 

Envato is a place with many talented artists, who are a great source of inspiration. I am also following some amazing artists on Instagram and Behance that can trigger my creativity almost on a daily basis. Some other times, it works the other way around. A video tutorial can lead me to an idea for a new technique, and this could be the beginning of a new video template.

What expert tips/tricks/hacks can you share?

This is a tricky question. I don’t think I have a good answer but I can share what to avoid. Don’t copy others’ work and don’t create something that you wouldn’t use. It’s also important not to disrespect your customers or their intelligence.

Where’s the most exciting place you’ve seen your items/footage used? 

During the 2020 lockdown, my lyrics video templates were a big hit and some of my customers sent me their final lyrics videos! They were not big brands or celebrities, but I was so happy I could help them share their songs during such a difficult period for all of us.

How has Envato helped your journey as a creator? 

Envato has provided me with financial security which was crucial to my career as a freelancer. I didn’t need to wait for the clients to come. I had the time to experiment and try new ideas and technics, that could help me to create something interesting for my freelance work.

What makes you most excited as a creator online? 

As an online creator, I can work from the comfort of my home and be connected with people from all around the globe. The payment is good enough too, to be honest.

Are there any video trends that you are loving at the moment? 

One of my favorite trends, which is going to be classic, is the Retro Aesthetic with a modern touch. I love all these vintage and minimal designs that bring a feeling from the past. 

What main programs, tools, or techniques do you use to create your work? 

Most of my video templates are created in Adobe After Effects exclusively. Sometimes I use Adobe Illustration too. Lately, I’ve started to explore new categories and I am converting some of my templates to DaVinci Resolve too.

What are your top tips for video creators just starting out? 

One of the most discussed topics in the Envato Forums is rejected items. I have been there, and I have complained about the “unfair” reviewing system too. This is not going to help anyone. New Authors should set higher goals than just being accepted. An item with zero sales is equal to a rejected item. Be patient— It needs time and hard work. 

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