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Your Guide to the Elements Affiliate Program

Your Guide to the Elements Affiliate Program: A purple background with a megaphone on it.

Do you have an audience of engaged creatives on your blog, YouTube, or social media accounts? You could be earning additional revenue from Envato by becoming an Elements Affiliate.

By becoming an affiliate, you’re able to both monetize your passion and fuel your creative journey.

Emile Ben-Atar Senior Performance Marketing Specialist, Envato

How does the Elements Affiliate Program work?

Once you’re approved to join the Elements Affiliate Program, you will be eligible to earn commission on any new customers who purchase a subscription to Envato Elements. 

We track your referrals by using unique links that you embed in your advertising and marketing content. You can send traffic through any content you create, including articles, videos, banners, or ads.

In order to qualify as a new customer, the person you refer must not have had an Elements subscription before. Provided that they are eligible, you will earn a referral commission on their subscription within 90 days of clicking on your link.

How are Elements Affiliates compensated? 

The amount of money you’re paid will depend on which kind of subscriber you’ve successfully referred. 

Monthly subscribers 

If you refer a monthly subscriber, you can earn up to $60 USD. This is paid in $20 increments each month for 3 months. 

For example, on the first month, you will receive $20, followed by $20 in the second month and another $20 in the third month. 

The customer must continue to pay their subscription for you to earn your commission. 

Annual subscribers 

If you refer someone who creates an annual subscription, you will receive $120 USD. 

—> If you refer 1 annual subscription per day, you’ll earn $3,600 per month!

Who is eligible to become an Elements Affiliate?

The program is primarily designed for anyone who has an existing audience. This could be from your website, a blog, social media—anything!

However, that doesn’t mean that every single person who applies for the Elements Affiliate Program will be able to join. Our team will review each application to determine whether or not you’re suitable for the program.

How do I join?

Our Affiliate programs are run through a third party service called Impact. You will need to create an account with Impact in order to become an Affiliate. 

🔗 Learn how to set up your Impact account to get paid 

You’ll need to provide some information about yourself and your business, and the types of promotional channels that you run. For example, these might be your website, or maybe your social media channels like YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

After you set up your account with Impact, you will be able to create unique referral links which you can use to send affiliate traffic to your market items. All you need to do to start earning is use your links when promoting your items!

(Note: There are two methods for generating these links—check out this guide for details.)

You’ll be able to track referral earnings and performance data in the dashboard of your Impact Radius account.

🔗 Learn more about the Affiliate payout process 

How do I become a successful affiliate?

  • Make sure you’re targeting a relevant audience
  • Ensure you use valid affiliate links (via Impact)
  • Ensure your content is accessible 
  • Jump on board with Envato’s biggest sales, like our Cyber Week sales   

Who should I target in my affiliate marketing?

In short: every creative! 

A bit longer: Elements is for all kinds of content creators. From designers, developers, video professionals, students, bloggers, members of affiliate networks, YouTubers, search engine marketers, native content professionals, and influencers!

We know that our Elements users range from enterprise customers, professional agencies, freelancers, and hobbyists.

So, if you’re talking to people who create content and might need high-quality assets (like yours!) then you might be a great candidate to become an Elements Affiliate. 

Find out more about our Elements customers by reading our Envato Reveals article Secrets of Elements Customers

More information

An Elements Affiliate in the wild: Design Shack

Established in 2003, Design Shack is a magazine for creatives, designers, and developers. They are a niche site affiliate blogger, and they drive highly targeted traffic to Elements through their articles.

You can see an example of their affiliate marketing for Envato Elements by checking out their article the 35+ Best Sports Fonts.

Screenshot from the blog of an Elements affiliate: design shack.

An Affiliate Guru: Adam Enfroy

If you want to start your own blog to create affiliate traffic, we recommend you check out Adam Enfroy’s YouTube channel for helpful hints and tips!

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