What’s Trending in Video? January 2022

New year, new trends!

Want to know what’s hot and popular on Elements in video right now? Well, we’ve compiled a list of what’s trending in video in January 2022!

Camera Transitions for Final Cut Pro by afteryou

Video template

This transition pack by Elements Author afteryou, is one of the most popular items in our video category right now. Customers are loving this well-formatted template pack and all the versatile transitions it includes.

Chinese New Year Tiger Animations by agungugang

Motion graphics

Chinese New Year falls on the 1st of February this year, and we’re expecting high demand from customers for content related to this festival. This festival, also called Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, is recognised all over the world and celebrates the beginning of the new year on the traditional Chinese calendar.

The festival runs for 16 days and marks the transitions between zodiac signs. In the Chinese Zodiac 2022 is The Year of the Tiger, which is following the Year of the Ox in 2021.

When posting Chinese New Year content such as these cute tiger animations by agungugang, make sure to tag it with “Chinese New Year”, “Lunar New Year”, and “Spring Festival” to capture all the relevant searches.

Timelapse of a gas station at night by AlinStock

Stock Footage

Everyone loves a good time lapse, and our customers are no different! This engaging stock video by AlinStock has been a hit with customers recently. We love everything about this footage, from the dramatic lighting and composition to the bustling activity of all the cars and people going about their business.

Fast Motion Transitions for Premiere Pro by edum

Video template

This template pack by edum is so on-trend that it’s no wonder our customers are licensing it like crazy! We know that glitch transitions are some of the content that has one of the highest rates of download from search, and this is the best of the best at the moment!

8mm Film Burn Damage by rungunFC

Motion graphic

Film effects have been popular over the last few years and it looks like they aren’t going anywhere. This burn damage graphic by rungunFC will make all of your footage look grainy and rustic, and adds an element of nostalgia and vintage to any video.

Portrait of Woman Working on Laptop to Research Cryptocurrency Financial Markets by olegbadak

Stock footage

Cryptocurrency is something that has been trending for the last few years and it looks like 2021 is no different. We like the dramatic effect created by olegbadak in this item, that is created by seeing the graphs move in the reflection in the glasses.

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