Need to know: Trending new graphics items on Elements

Ever wondered what the top-selling new items are on Elements? To give you a flavor of what’s trending, we’ve created a new series: Top new Items in your market.

Each month, we’ll feature the best-selling new items in a different Elements market, on a rotating basis. This month, it’s graphics!

Glitten – Signature Sans Serif

Author: BrandSemut

Everyone loves a fun new typeface to experiment with and our Elements customers are no exception! “Glitten” works well for logos, print and social media and is currently our most downloaded new graphics item on Elements. 

Vintage Video LUTs

The Elements actions and presets category is full of wonderful effects to speed up our customers editing process and this new vintage video LUTs certainly delivers on this. It’s also our most downloaded new presets item this month.

Dreamy Gradients

Author: Sko4

“Backgrounds” is consistently one of our top search terms on and this dreamy gradient background is proving to be very popular with our customers, it’s our most licensed new background item in May.

Janger – Display Font

Author: creativemedialab

The 70’s are having a major revival across design, fashion and interiors this year. This inspired font is perfect for customers looking to utilise this trend across posters, t-shirts and more. It’s currently one of our most popular new fonts.

Mothers Day Graphic Template

Author: creativeartx

While Mother’s Day 2021 is over for most parts of the world, this graphic template is a perfect example of why it’s important to keep across seasonal dates and holidays. 

Milk & Wild – Sans Serif

Author: yipianesia

This romantic font is a winner with our customers this month, being one of the most downloaded new items in May.

Beach Video LUTs

With Summer commencing in the Northern Hemisphere, search terms such as “beach” and “ocean” have spiked. This vibrant beach preset is one of our most popular new graphics items.

Eid Mubarak Social Media Pack

Author: vynetta

Mark Eid Mubarak in your calendar! Every year, a significant number of our customers download Eid related content. In May, this detailed social media pack was our most popular Eid item in the graphics category.

Infinity Logo Mockup

Author: Morad

This handy logo mockup has gone gangbusters on Elements in May, our customers love the real-photo based design which creates realistic and professional logo mockups. 

Medal / Coin / Cryptocurrency Mockup

Author: goner13

Cryptocurrency has consistently been a popular news topic, but recent fluctuations in value has further driven share of news. This month, we’ve seen related search terms (and of course, downloads) increase as a result.

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