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Customer search insights for May 2021

We want to help you create items that our customers are looking for based on search data from on our website, as well as upcoming global events.

Below is a list of key events in May, to help you optimize items you upload in the coming weeks.

Ramadan (12 April–12 May)

Author: deemakdaksinas

Over 1 billion people globally will participate in Ramadan this year, which means that for many people, Ramadan-related items will be particularly useful for content creation. This search term spikes on Envato throughout April and May.

Mother’s Day (various dates, commencing 2 May)

Author: GranzCreative

Mother’s Day falls in May for many countries across Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific region. 

“Mother”, “Mom”, and “Mother’s Day” are consistently among the top searches in May, so make sure that you have some Mother’s Day items that would make your mother proud!

International Nurses Day (12 May)

Author: medzcreative

If 2020 and Covid-19 taught us anything, it was the value of nurses around the world. They work tirelessly and put their own health at risk to help other people. This year, we believe lots of customers will be looking for ways to say thank you to all our amazing nurses on International Nurses Day.

International Day of Families (15 May)

Author: mamanamsai

“Family” is consistently one of our most searched terms throughout the year. It almost always appears in the top 10 most popular searches of the month. However, in May, which is when the International Day of Families falls, we typically see this search term reach our top 3 searches.

Memorial Day (31 May, USA only)

Author: Gioraphics

Memorial Day is a US holiday that honors people who have lost their lives in military service. Many American businesses will be looking to create content for this day, so make sure you tag some items that are relevant or even add some new ones!

We hope this helps you plan your upcoming item uploads, keep an eye out for more tips and search insights on the blog in the coming weeks.

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