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Customer search insights for June/July 2021

We want to help you create items that our customers are looking for based on search data from on our website, as well as upcoming global events.

Below is a list of key events in June and July, to help you optimize items you upload in the coming weeks.

Northern Hemisphere Summer (June-August)

Author: bernardbodo

June marks the start of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and much like last Summer, restrictions mean there will be less festivals and events and more time spent at the beach, in backyard pools and on hiking trails. The search terms “beach” “ocean” and ”summer” typically feature in our top 10 trending searches across June and July.

Father’s Day (20th June)

Author: LightFieldStudios

Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. While “Father” is consistently a top search term, in the month of June “Father” and “Father’s Day” feature in our top 20 trending searches. This is a great opportunity to add any Father’s Day related content to your Envato profile.

International Yoga Day (21 June)

Author: maksimovata

Of all of the exercise and sport-related search terms, “Yoga” is one of our most consistently searched. It is a year-round sport, can be done in groups or individually and has seen huge uptake across the globe during lockdown. June marks International Yoga Day, where many studios, gyms and health and wellness sites will be spruiking the benefits and looking for great content to highlight this.

Fourth of July (4 July)

Author: twenty20photos

Arguably the biggest National Holiday in the United States, Fourth of July celebrations will take a different form this year in many communities, due to restrictions. The event will still be celebrated and brands will still be looking for new content to promote and celebrate this day. Terms such as “4th July”, “America” and “American Flag” spike during the months of June and July.

World Chocolate Day (7 July)

Author: Rawpixel

Chocolate lovers unite! World Chocolate Day (yes, it’s a thing) is celebrated in July. This already common search term spikes on Market and Elements in July. July also happens to be National Ice Cream Day in the United States and is the month we see the highest search volumes for this term as well.

International Friendship Day (30 July)

Author: DisobeyArtPhotography

Yes, there seems to be an ‘International Day’ for everything. “Friends” features in our top 50 search terms year-round and we see an increase in July. Tip: Consider creating content that represents the diverse and many forms friendship can take.

Happy creating!

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