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Envato’s 2023 Public Impact Statement

Every year, we publish a statement that tracks our impact, with the intention of reflecting on the year that was, and looking forward to the year(s) ahead.

Our 2023 report reflects the year that was: challenging and galvanising.

As artificial intelligence and digital technology evolved at breakneck speeds, the way that we interact with the digital world shifted and changed. We were required to ponder how we could embrace the new possibilities these changes brought, while remaining true to our purpose of helping creatives everywhere thrive.

This Impact Statement reflects these efforts.

We’ve reached new milestones in subscriber numbers and author earnings. We’ve leveraged AI to elevate the onsite experience for subscribers across the globe. We increased internal productivity across all our teams. And we’ve done so while supporting creatives as the evolution of technology unfolds.

Envato’s year is testament to the fact that creativity and technology can co-exist.

We continue to pay Authors an industry-leading revenue share to ensure their creative contribution is recognized and rewarded as we achieve our goals.

We’re proud that in pursuit of our vision of becoming the intelligent and essential creative companion, we remain steadfast in our efforts to empower all creatives to thrive. 

Read the full statement on the Inside Envato blog.

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