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We’ve Completed the New Payout System Rollout

We’ve Completed the New Payout System Rollout

Today, we are excited to announce that we have officially completed the migration of both our Elements and Market Authors onto our new payout system.

The changes to our payout experience provide Authors with access to a wider range of payment options. It also allows them to benefit from potentially lower fees, faster transfers and more flexibility. This milestone marks a crucial step forward in our commitment to providing the best possible experience for our Authors.

Before we say anything else, we want to say a massive thank you to all of our Authors who went on this journey with us. Thank you for remaining patient as we worked out how we would make a change like this across our whole community, and for treating our Author Support teams with respect.

The road to rollout

This journey began in late 2022 with a carefully selected pilot group of Elements Authors. Based on their feedback, we fine-tuned our process to lay the foundation for the migration of our entire Author community.

Each month, we brought another group of Authors onto our new system, progressively phasing out the old processes.

In July last year, we estimated that we would have all Authors on the new system by the end of December 2024. At that time, we’d finished moving all of our Envato Elements Authors onto the new platform, and had begun to transition the remaining Envato Market Authors.

We’re excited to say that we smashed this target! We managed to migrate all earning Authors—over 42 thousand of them—to our new system by December 2023. That’s a full year ahead of our predicted timeline!

All Envato Authors now have access to the benefits of the new system.

The journey in numbers

  • Migration of 100% of Envato Authors paid by the new system 12 months ahead of schedule.
  • First month of all payouts being made through the new system was December 2023. This month had a total payout of $8.4M USD (across both Elements & Market).
  • Almost 60% of Elements Authors surveyed reported positive sentiment about the payout system switch.
  • 33% of Elements Authors surveyed noticed a decrease in their fees

If you have any questions about our payout systems please refer to the Help Center articles or reach out to our dedicated support team.

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