Most Popular Video Templates on Elements – January 2023

We might be biased, but we think that Envato Elements has the best video templates library in the world!

Every month our talented video Authors publish more high-quality video templates that Elements customers can’t get enough of. So, to recognise the Authors whose items have been hot property recently, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular video templates on Elements this month.

Did yours make the cut?

Most Popular Video Templates – January 2023

Clean Elegant Logo Reveal by MarcoHD

Logo reveals are among the most popular types of video templates. This one is simple and—as the title suggests—elegant, making it versatile enough to be used for all kinds of brands.

In addition to this fantastic item, MarcoHD has done an excellent job of writing a clear and helpful description that goes through the item’s key features, and has included all the relevant tags.

Looping gif of the preview video for the video template 'Clean Elegant Logo Reveal'

Dust, Scratches and Film Burns – Premiere Pro by videologio

Retro is back! Customers want to be able to create the nostalgic effect of film, without the hassle, so this set of 77 elements that allows customers to create the look of aged film is a real winner!

Dust, Scratches and Film Burns is a child pack of the larger video template pack Cinematic Color Presets – Premiere Pro.

Typewriter / MOGRT by DemeterProject

This typewriter effect video template pack is fully customizable and includes a video tutorial for customers to follow.

Corporate Logo by EndR

This logo reveal video template is slick and modern, which is no doubt one of the reasons that it has been so popular with Elements customers. Having a great logo reveal makes a brand seem more profession and this template makes it easy for customers to get the look.

Preview of the video template 'Corporate Logo'

Multi Screen Transitions by Nick_Chvalun

This screen transitions pack includes more than 80 transitions, making it great value and a one-stop-shop for customers!

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