Most Popular Fonts on Elements – December 2022

Pale purple background with varying sizes of letters in dark purples, greens and blues arranged in a vertical stripe in the center of the image. The letters are in a range of different popular fonts.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but we think that a hundred words in a fantastic (and popular) font is worth a thousand pictures!

The way that your words look can be almost as important as the content they’re conveying. That’s why it’s important for our Elements customers to have access to a wide range of fonts to choose from.

Ever wondered what makes a font successful and popular on Elements? Wonder no more! We’ve gotten together a list of some of the most popular new fonts on Elements for your viewing pleasure.

So, without further ado, here are some of our most popular fonts over the last month!

Note: if reading this article (in a very common font known as Inter), isn’t your thing, you can see then please enjoy this video version of the article below. Otherwise, jump straight to the article here.

Most Popular Fonts

Vintage Glamour by ardyanaputra

This romantic, vintage-inspired serif font has proved very popular with Elements customers over the last months. It looks great on posters and packaging alike!

Median – Modern Sans Serif by BrandSemut

Sans serif fonts are popular for their modern, clean aesthetic. This one from BrandSemut is dramatic, clear and bold, which looks great on websites.

Lubeck Display Typeface by FoxType

This sans serif font is sleek and minimal. It’s ultra-modern and perfect for brands that want to present themselves as up-to-date with popular visual trends.

Analogy by CraftedGoodsCo

Sometimes, you need your font or typeface to make a big statement. This font called Analogy from Envato Elements Author CraftedGoodsCo is the perfect font for making that kind of statement.

Stay Peach by swistblnk

How dreamy is this font from swistblnk? It evokes so much nostalgia with its summery and beachy vibes—no wonder it’s been such a popular font with our customers!

What did you think about our most popular new fonts on Elements over the last month? Were any of them yours?

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