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Introduction to the Author Dashboard

Do you want insights on your portfolio performance but don’t know where to start? Here’s everything you need to know about your new reporting tool, the Envato Author Dashboard.

For more up to date info about the Author Dashboard, check out our Envato Reveals article.

This article is from April 2022. Since this article was written, we’ve made several changes to the Elements Author Dashboard to improve its functionality and the level of detail.

See more up-to-date info about the Author Dashboard at our Envato Reveals article below.

What is the Envato Author Dashboard?

The Envato Author Dashboard is a powerful tool available to Elements Authors. It allows you to stay up-to-date with your earnings and item performance, plus gain insight into customer search trends.

By regularly using the dashboard, you will have a comprehensive overview of how you (and your portfolio) are performing.

How does the Envato Author Dashboard Work?

Once you’ve started publishing regularly, your Envato Author Dashboard will display a detailed earnings report, your individual item performance plus customer search trends, to help you know what’s working and what to create next. There are 3 separate dashboard views, which can be found at the top of the screen.

These views are:

  • Earnings Dashboard
  • Item Performance Dashboard
  • Trends and Insights Dashboard

Read on for a detailed outline of each of the features contained within the Envato Author Dashboard.

Earnings Dashboard

Earnings Report

Track your Elements and Market earnings in one place, with many controls to isolate the data you want to see including shopfront filters and custom timeframe filters.

Elements Earnings Statements

Downloadable .PDF earnings statements that include Elements item and bonus earnings, plus Placeit and incentive earnings.  

Item Performance Dashboard

Item Earnings

Item level earnings for Elements & Market with features to simplify your experience including; ranking, quick links to live item URLs, category/shopfront and timeframe filters, and item title search. Plus, a downloadable .csv of item performance data so you can compile your own analysis and play with data. 

Top Licensed Items

The Top Earning Items report gives you an insight into the performance of your portfolio at an individual item level across Envato Elements and Envato Market for a specific time period. This report

Top Search Terms

The Top Search Terms report gives you an insight into the most popular keywords searched by customers in the last 28 days. The ranking shows the popularity of a given search term and the blue horizontal lines represent the relative volume of customers’ searches. 

We will continue to make updates and improvements to your Author Dashboard, so keep an eye out for even more tools to help you earn more and know what to create next!

Ready to explore the Author Dashboard?

Visit the Author Dashboard to get personalised insights on your earnings, top performing items and more!

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