Create an Envato Market Account

So you’ve filled out your Envato Author Application Form and have received an approval email. This means we like what we saw and you’ve passed the initial content screening. Congrats!

There are only a few simple steps between you and submitting your items to our Quality Team for approval and sale. Let’s walk you through them now.

Remember when you created an Envato account before completing your Author Application? Well, now it’s time to create an Envato Market Account.

If you’re already an Author on Market, then feel free to skip this step.

Why you’ll need a Market Account

Now you might be thinking ‘why is it necessary to have a Market account if I want to sell on Elements?’. It’s because most of our content types need to be uploaded through Market for review, and if approved, are then published on Elements.

It also means you now have access to another platform you can sell your assets on, giving you more earning opportunities!

Creating an account is super simple, so just follow the prompts on the sign-up screen to complete your Envato Market account creation.

Then, head over to our next guide to set up your tax details.