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Envato’s T-Shirt Design Contest Winner Announced

Each year we run a T-Shirt design competition to celebrate our awesome creative community.

This year entrants were asked to design a shirt that captures the creative talent and friendly, supportive camaraderie of our Envato community. 

The results are in! After sorting through all the amazing submissions, we’re excited to announce the winner of our T-Shirt competition. 

Drum roll, please…

The Winner of our T-Shirt Design Competition is…


MajikaBox created an amazing design inspired by Envato’s supportive and wonderful community.

“It shows two people surfing through the ocean of Envato world. Which are a sea of graphic assets, music, and templates from Envato creators to the rest of the world. The vast selection of elements allows everyone to be creative. Joining the community is what makes it fun, we all can surf together,” explains MajikaBox.

“Love the colors, character design, and overall energy in this. It’s so great,” says Keiron, Senior Digital Designer at Envato.

We caught up with MaijkaBox to congratulate them and find out more about their winning design.

Congratulations! Tell us about the inspiration behind your winning design.

We know Envato to be one of the largest graphic markets in the world, thus we think of it as an ocean or sea. As we all know, the sea is home to a wide variety of organisms and living things, much as Envato is the home to thousands, perhaps even millions, of creative resources.

Surfing is one method to discover the ocean. Not everyone can surf, right? Yet, this is where the twist comes in. Unlike in the real sea, anyone can surf in the Envato Sea. Everyone can be creative. Everyone can create anything, regardless of skill level. Envato makes it simple. On the forums, everyone was so friendly, encouraging, and supportive of one another. Everyone is able to surf here because of Envato and the community. At that point, we decided to visualize two people surfing, along with details like the creative resources you can get on Envato (music, graphics, templates, etc). As the Envato logo is green, we decided to use that color as the design’s primary tone.

What is your design process? What are the main programs, tools, or techniques that you use to create your designs?

We sketch first. For the sketching process, we use Adobe Photoshop and ProCreate. When we finally find the ideal image for the design, we begin by tracing the sketch in Adobe Illustrator because a vector file is the desired output. The tool we mainly use is the pen tool, as we consider it the most flexible tool in Adobe Illustrator. We create a flat-colored design first to establish the mood and ensure that everything is going as planned. When everything is in order, we add details like shadows and highlights to make the design stand out.

Are there any design trends that you love at the moment?

We love incorporating bright colors into our body of work. We believe that experimenting with a fun color palette can help the design stand out more. Not to mention that it is a timeless design trend that can be accepted by a diverse range of audiences.

How has Envato helped you grow your career?

Actually, we joined Envato sometime in 2016. Due to a number of factors, we ceased uploading to the account that was only maintained by one person. By that time, though, we were already well aware of how excellent Envato is as a marketplace for both customers and artists. We made the decision to return now that we have a team. This contest is our comeback, so to speak. We joined Envato more than six years ago, but we’re just getting started again. We have many things planned for our comeback, just wait! It is surprisingly exciting.

What’s your advice for other designers just starting out?

Hey, we’re just starting out too! Give your best. Provide what is best for the community. Quality is what differentiates your design—one can really tell if you ‘simply create’ a design, or really put your passion there. Keep up with the needs and trends. Timeless design is great, but providing what is in trend is great too!

As we mentioned there were so many amazing submissions, so we couldn’t pick just one. Here are the runners-up of our T-shirt design competition.

First Runner-Up: Gigihgagah

Gigihgagah was another strong contender. “I have a soft spot for all the Envato Zoo marketplace mascots and loved the illustration style used for this entry,” says Ben Leong, Community Forum Manager at Envato. Gigihgagah wins a Merch Designer Shortlist badge and a T-shirt with the winning 2023 design.

Second Runner-Up: BrandEarth

Another striking design from Envato Forum veteran BrandEarth. As a runner-up, BrandEarth also wins the Merch Designer Shortlist badge, and a T-shirt with the 2023 winning design.

A huge thank you to everyone who entered our T-Shirt design competition, we have loved looking at all of your amazing submissions. Don’t forget to share the love on the forums.

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