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Envato’s 16th Birthday Competition Runners-Up!

Last week we announced the winners of our 16th Birthday Competition. Thank you to everyone who entered. We were absolutely blown away by the number and quality of responses that we received.

There were so many great submissions to our 16th Birthday Competition that deserve to be shown some love, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorites here.

Creative Submissions


We love this video submission by Web and Code Author, Infinitietech, who share their story about their growth as a small business since joining Envato. Coming from a rural town in India, Infinitetech started out as a team of 3-4 people, but after growing their portfolio and generating more sales on Envato they were able to increase their team to 13 members. 

Growing our team was a small step in helping local developers flourish in their IT careers.

Watch Infinititech’s submission below:


This cute animation video by Power Elite Author, Designthemes, uses the idea of a seed growing into a tree in Themeforest, to represent growth and to show how Envato has helped them achieve success.

Envato provides critical things for growth, like a great support system, analytics, dashboards, and tax support. But the crucial difference is the marketing that connects people and gives Authors the freedom to create.

Watch Designthemes’ submission below:


ProMotionSquad-1 created an inspiring video that explores how working with Envato has helped him achieve creative success. From improving his design and technical skills to having the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, he shows what is possible when working with Envato.

The Envato community inspires me to create new stuff all of the time!

Watch ProMotionSquad-1’s submission below:


Merkulove created a webpage that showcased their successes and milestones with Envato. This webpage includes a unique comic-like animation showcasing Envato’s creative community. Alongside their webpage, they also submitted a video celebrating their Ukrainian heritage.

Without Envato, we would never have become who we are and we are pleased to celebrate Envato’s 16th Birthday and be part of uniting creative people around the world.

Watch Merkulove’s submission below:


Motion Graphics Author, MotionFox, joined Envato in 2015 and hasn’t looked back since. Using animation, he showcases his successes and milestones with Envato, one of which is becoming an Elite Author. His video submission to our 16th Birthday Competition also expresses how grateful he is to the Envato community and customers.

Envato has completely changed my life. Envato helps me earn a sustainable income from home doing what I love with creative freedom.

Watch MotionFoxes’ submission below:

Storytelling Submissions


This heartwarming submission from Audio Author, dihommusicproduction, shares his story about determination and hope. As an Audio Author, he loves creating music but it, unfortunately, hasn’t always been easy for him. “There is no music education in Pakistan. There is no concept of selling music as any occupation in Pakistan, I didn’t even have my own computer to produce or compose music to sell”, he explains.

After two years of learning how to produce music from YouTube and borrowing friends’ laptops, he signed up to be an Envato Author, where his first track was accepted. “I had to learn everything from simple piano playing to full composition. When my first track was accepted on Envato, I couldn’t express my happiness. It was just out of this world”, he says.

We love this submission as it shows that nothing is impossible. Thank you for inspiring and sharing your story dihommusicproduction.

I love you Envato. Thanks for teaching me all of my hidden skills. I am still exploring my skills and how to spread these ways of earning to other people of my country.


Vladuha shares his inspiring story about how he went from working as a waiter to pursuing his dream role as a designer with the help of Envato. After working in his dream job for a year, he, unfortunately, suffered from a spinal injury and had to quit his job.

“I went through rehabilitation for a year and had to quit my job. I created conditions for myself to work while lying down because I could not sit. While I was sick, I started creating plugins from my bed and they began to sell well. Envato had my back again.”

My story is about hope, aspiration, and victory over one’s fears and doubts.


A former Twenty20 contributor, photographer Deasy Junta Dhani Hidayana recently joined Envato Elements as Author, deasyjunitad. Deasy acknowledges that Elements provides the first step into the industry for some, while for others, it’s a way to do what they love and interact with other like-minded photographers. Deasy also recognizes the breadth and diversity of Elements photographers who submit their creations from countries all over the globe.

I personally believe in achieving excellence, relentless work ethic, ready to work with creatives with Envato and take a creative journey with Envato… Envato is advancing and leading the digital world.

Street D

Graphics Author Sasha, aka StreetD has been creating cool graphics templates on Envato for the past 6 years. Sasha shares their passion for design in their story submission, even admitting their determination to still create content in times of hardship.

“We wanted to start our own business, but in the meantime, I’m still creating content from a bomb shelter in Ukraine”, they explain.

I have made many friends, I have improved my communication, and of course I have gained financial freedom. This is all thanks to Envato.

A huge thank you to everyone who entered our 16th Birthday Competition, we have loved looking at all of your amazing submissions. Don’t forget to share your entries in our creative community and continue the conversation over on the Forum!

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