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The Envato Market Affiliate Program

What is the Envato Market Affiliate Program?

The Envato Market Affiliate Program is another way for you to earn additional revenue from your Market portfolio. Our Affiliate program works by rewarding you for referring new customers to Envato Market who go on to make a purchase.

Am I eligible for the Affiliate Program?

If you are an Envato Market Author, then you’re eligible to be an Affiliate.

Is the Affiliate Program just for Envato Market?

No, it’s not just for Envato Market. The Envato Affiliate Program rewards Authors who send customers to Envato Market, Envato Elements, and Placeit. However, for this article we’ll just be focusing on becoming an Affiliate as an Envato Market Author.

Why should I join? 

The Envato Affiliate program creates a new revenue stream for your Envato Market portfolio.

You’ll earn a commission on the sales from any new customers you refer to Envato Market.

This is tracked by using unique links that you embed in your advertising and marketing content. That way, we can track any Envato Market purchases a customer has made after you’ve referred them, and reward you for it!

So, if you’re already promoting your Market items on a blog, YouTube channel, or other social media accounts, why not see how much extra you could earn?

Authors who have a large audience on their promotional channels often find that affiliate earnings quickly become an important part of their total revenue

How much will I earn?

For Envato Market, the Affiliate commission is 30% of an eligible new customer’s first purchase. This is true regardless of whether the customer purchased your item or another Author’s items on Market.

If a new eligible customer purchases your items through your affiliate link

  • You will receive both your regular item earnings and the additional 30% Affiliate commission.

If a new eligible customer purchases another Author’s items through your affiliate link

  • You will earn 30% of the new customer’s first spend on Envato Market, regardless of whether the purchase was for another Author’s item.

We use cookies and other similar technologies to track people who have clicked on your link. In order to qualify as a new customer, your referral must not have visited Envato Market sites within the last 90 days. Provided that they are eligible, you will earn a referral on their first Envato Market transaction within 90 days of clicking on your link. 

How do I join? 

Our Affiliate program is run through a third party service called Impact, which you will need to create an account with to become an Affiliate. 

You’ll need to provide some information about yourself and your business, and the types of promotional channels that you run. For example, these might be your website, or maybe your social media channels like YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

If this sounds like a good addition to your Envato Market earnings, you can find more information about the program here, or apply below.

I’ve joined as an Affiliate! How do I get started?

After you set up your account with Impact, you will be able to create unique referral links which you can use to send affiliate traffic to your items.

(Note: There are two methods for generating these links—check out this guide for details.)

Then all you need to do to start earning is use your links when promoting your items!

You’ll also be able to track referral earnings and performance data in the dashboard of your Impact Radius account.

Learn from other Authors

You can see a great example of ThemeForest author WPExplorer monetizing their content using affiliate links here.

What’s next? 

If you want more information on the Envato Market Affiliate program, you can:

1. Check out this article on the Help Center

2. Take a look at our Affiliate Program FAQs

3. Chat to fellow Affiliate Authors on our forums

4. Read this blog from AudioJungle Author, Olexandrignatov about their experience as an Affiliate

Stay tuned for more tips from us on how to supercharge your referral channels and maximise your Affiliate earnings!

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