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Top Elements Item Opportunities For Creative Stock – May 2022

Finding continuous creative inspiration can be challenging – that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top creative stock item opportunities on Elements for May 2022.

These opportunities offer insight into what content is trending in search and are in short supply on Envato Elements.  From video game intros to Instagram templates, we’ve noticed a number of trending searches on Elements that you could help us meet the current demand for.

Gaming Intro

Author credit: Videostones

In our audio and video categories, we’ve noticed a rise in searches for gaming intros. With a limited supply of fresh, high-quality content to meet this current demand, we see this as an opportunity for our Authors to create more content in this space. Templates that are dynamic, easy to edit and customize are appealing to our customers. We love this vibrant item featuring 3D objects by motionpictors and this Davinci Resolve Gamer channel opener by Videostones, which are perfect for any E-sport-related platform like Gaming TV intros, YouTube & Twitch intros.  When adding relevant items, consider using the following terms when tagging:

  • Gaming intro
  • Gaming opener
  • Gaming template

Instagram Templates

Author credit: GrussGott

Last month, we mentioned that social media continues to dominate searches on Elements. In particular, social media templates are in high demand. In the past month, we’ve seen a rise in searches for Instagram templates as customers seek out beautiful and versatile Instagram templates to save time and help their accounts stand out. So, if you have high-quality Instagram templates, now is the time to upload them. Be sure to tag your items with the following keywords so that customers can find your work:

  • Instagram 
  • Templates
  • Social  
  • Instagram story templates 

Save the date / Wedding Invitation

Author credit: rgba_design

In our last roundup of monthly item opportunities, we identified ‘wedding content’ as a key opportunity. This month we’re seeing that demand remains high, especially for save the date video templates. We don’t anticipate that this demand will slow down anytime soon. In fact, as the world continues to open up post-covid and weddings are back on the agenda, we only expect to see an increase in demand for this content. 

Customers are seeking templates with multiple functions, such as this one, which can be used as a save-the-date invitation and a digital wedding album post-wedding, as well as templates that are mobile-friendly like this one here. When adding relevant items to Elements, consider using the following terms when tagging: When titling, describing or tagging your content.

  • Save the date 
  • RSVP
  • Wedding Invitation 


Author credit: simplestudios

Currently, there is a high demand for Giveaway content on Elements, especially in the graphic and video templates space. So, if you have high-quality items that fall into this category, this is a great time to add them to Elements. Don’t forget to title your item with a functional description and use tags to describe the specific features of the item, like below: 

  • Giveaway
  • Prize
  • Gift

This current content series offers insight into what customers are searching for and what content we have a short supply of on Envato Elements.

In addition, we know that customers create demand for seasonal items. To help you stay across seasonal content, we’re launching an Envato Author content calendar, exclusively dedicated to seasonal trends later this month.

We look forward to seeing your amazing work on Elements and we’ll keep you in the loop with future trends and suggested tags for June.

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