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These 15 Authors Just Missed Out!

Check out 15 of the best entries we received for our birthday competition that didn’t win first place

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry for our 15th birthday competition. We were blown away by the number and the quality of responses. Because of this, we decided to round up a collection of some of our favourite submissions that narrowly missed out on that #1 spot, but definitely deserve to be shown some love!

Team submission: 331, Cjkap, HotPenguin, Magpie Music, and Santiago Effects


For this submission, a group of Authors from Kazakhstan collaborated to film, edit, and compose music for a video (below). As well as the amazing video, they also shared their individual stories with us. Their video includes drone shots and even an Envato-themed birthday cake—how could we not love it!

“I’ve connected my life with Envato and I’m happy.”

Yevgeniy Sorokin, MagpieMusic


Online game

 Kerem Kandirali from Burnhambox created an interactive online story that doubled as a game to represent their Envato journey. You could even choose from 24 different characters! It was so much fun moving through the game and seeing all the important milestones along the way.

“Envato is such a great platform where you can ALWAYS improve yourself, find new ways to learn and discover opportunities.”

Kerem Kandirali, Burnhambox


Original song

The amazingly talented Ola from AnimaPiano composed this song especially for this competition. Her song about her Envato journey features her own vocals and piano melody, as well as footage of her playing piano when she was a child.

“The main thing is to start.”

Ola, AnimaPiano



This video brought a tear to our eye! Indunil Ranawake from MotionToolStore explores how working on Envato brought him out of the darkness and into the light.

“[Envato allows me to] make a sustainable income at home doing what I love, with ultimate creative freedom. It’s a dream come true.”

Indunil Ranawake, MotionToolStore



Sergiy Zavarykin from Zavarykin created a vlog-style video where he shared his journey sharing stock footage on Envato. We loved Sergiy’s passion for his art and storytelling and the footage of his grandma made us smile. We can’t wait to see the documentary about her life. Sergiy also bravely sampled Vegemite—a famous Aussie spread.

“Stock footage, music tracks and templates are the bricks that help to build a story.”

Sergiy Zavarykin, Zavarykin



Helle used everyday household items to create a piece of music that represented his journey with Envato. This creativity, paired with the very funny facial expressions made our day!

“Envato has changed my life.”

Helle, StockGold



Hardik Patel, from HarnishDesign created a webpage that showcased their successes and milestones with Envato. This webpage included great animations and shared with us a heartwarming story about how his life has changed for the better.

“Now I can work on my own time. and I don’t have a boss. This is one of the great benefits of working with Envato.”

Hardik Patel, HarnishDesign

Check out the webpage here:



This beautiful video includes some of Grisha’s amazing nature photography and videography. Grisha’s submission showed us all the amazing places that they have been able to create content from and filled us with wanderlust!

“Thanks to Envato I can do what I love: create, and improve my skills.”

Grisha Bruev, Grigory_bruev



Watch this video if you’re looking for a giggle! Using lots of stock footage and animation, Scot showed us how it felt to start working with Envato and gain recognition for his work. Thank you SpaceStockFootage for 11 amazing years with Envato!

“Creating stock is my number one income, and I’m not sure if I would have ever got to that stage if I hadn’t discovered Envato all those years ago. The income I receive from stock content has allowed me to purchase better equipment, travel the world, and have the time to develop my skills and experience.”

Scott Edington, SpaceStockFootage



Valter from NewnessGames took us along with them as they recounted their story from a child who was fascinated by programming to someone who is able to earn money from their work. We loved the way that Valter never gave up and how they used their coding and game design skills to tell their Envato story by pairing graphics, music, creative writing, and a sprinkle of destiny.

“Envato has made all the difference in my life.”

Valter, NewnessGames


Original composition

Carlos composed and performed a piece of music written especially for our Birthday, called “The Future Awaits”. It’s a beautiful piece of music, and Carlos’s talent is on full display as he plays at least four different instruments in this song.

“Envato has given me the confidence that my art has emotional and monetary value. It has also provided me the ability to connect with a worldwide audience and find inspiration through other authors on the platform.”

Carlos Mata-Alvarez, CC_Sound_And_Media


Animated video

Anastasia showed us her Envato journey using her motion graphic skills to create a great animated video. This animation featured a very cute character, upbeat music and impressive motion graphics. As well as all the technical skill shown, Anastasia also showed us how she was able to keep improving her work to succeed on Envato and connect with a worldwide community of other creatives.

“I love Envato very much, and high quality standards make me try hard on every project and grow in illustration and animation. And yet every approval for me is a little soul explosion inside.

Anastasia, Ryan_Asakusa



BlackTrendMusic created this amazing stop motion video was a great way to demonstrate how they have grown with Envato. We loved the creativity involved in the production and it was so much fun watching those laptops zooming around the house!

“Now my days are full of meaning.”



Webpage and video

We loved the webpage and video that Ramadhan Aziz from RanaCreativeStudio created for our birthday competition. It was amazing to see how far they have come as a creator since joining Envato. Additionally, it warmed our heart to see the way they have been able to support their young family.

“Envato has changed my perspective on life. Anyone has the opportunity to succeed, even if they have different backgrounds”

Ramadhan Aziz, RanaCreativeStudio

If you’re after more birthday fun, Authors are sharing their entries for the birthday competition on our forums. Check out this thread to see them all!

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