The story behind this vintage museum flyer template

After filling up a terabyte of hard drive space with half finished designs, GraphicRiver author Yellow_Emperor knuckled down, battling through 10 rejections before finally getting his first submission, “Vintage museum flyer template” approved by our reviews team. This is the story of that item.

There is a funny story behind this flyer. Well, funny now at least…


I was struggling to make money online at the time and had exhausted every option at my disposal. But then I remembered I had opened this account on Graphicriver, initially to buy resources for my designs. I saw some sales figures of some of the authors and thought to myself, “Maybe I can do this.”

It was very difficult at the start because I didn’t have the confidence in my work and kept doubting myself and my abilities, to the point that I would design something for a whole day then scrap it at the last minute, thinking it wasn’t good enough. I went down this path for a long time trying to design the perfect item but fell into the trap of hoarding – at one point – over 50 designs, all half done, and never completed.

One day I was sitting in front of my PC and a window popped up telling me my hard drive was full. I thought to myself, “That can’t be!” I couldn’t believe I’d filled up over 1TB of space with half finished designs. At that moment it hit me like a tonne of bricks. Having amassed so many designs that were now just sitting there taking up space, I forced myself to start completing at least one design a day, and not letting myself go to bed until I’d submitted it.

“I couldn’t believe I’d filled up over 1TB of space with half finished designs.”

I started designing and submitting, designing and submitting. Submission 1 got rejected. So, I said “Okay, it’s just the first try. Let’s try again.” Submissions 2, 3, 4, 5, all the way up to 10 all got rejected. I started getting very negative and kept thinking that maybe my work wasn’t good enough, or I was too late to an already saturated market. Out of pure desperation I tried one last design. It became my first item to be accepted to GraphicRiver.


My whole attitude shifted. It was like a ray of sunshine, a real sign of hope. I now have 120 designs and close to 30 tracks on AudioJungle which I’m really proud of.

As I’ve continued designing, I’ve improved my skills and learned enough from other authors to be able to design a CD cover in around two hours start to finish – hitting an all time high of designing ten in one day.

Yet this journey has just begun. I feel as though the amount of items I have versus the amount I’m making could be much better.

But all in all the experience gained has been well worth it, and money can’t buy that.

Check out “Vintage Museum Flyer Template” and the rest of Yellow_Emperor’s portfolio on GraphicRiver


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