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Stock Footage Superstar: Dreamypixel

Hear from some of our Stock Footage Superstars on how they create amazing content, what inspires them, and how they’ve made the most of Triple Rewards.

Welcome to our new series: Stock Footage Superstars!

To help you make the most of Triple Rewards, we want to connect you to other Authors in the Envato community who are having huge success.

We’ve started off with some of our top stock footage Authors, who have been earning Triple Rewards for around 6 months and are keen to share with the community how they work, where they get their inspiration for their amazing content, and how they’re taking advantage of Triple Rewards.

Our first Stock Footage Superstar is Ales, one half of the duo behind dreamypixel.

Ales, AKA dreamypixel is a Slovenian stock footage and photos Author on Elements. Dreamypixel has nearly 3000 items on Elements, including more than 650 stock videos. Ales specialises in stunning nature videos that showcase breathtaking sunrises, misty mountains and magical forests.

Dreamypixel is our first Stock Footage Superstar because some of Ales’s items are among the most licensed stock footage content on Elements.

As well as producing high-quality stock footage that our customers love, dreamypixel has also started publishing more stock footage than ever before since Triple Rewards was launched. That means that they’re earning more than ever on their content!

High quality and great volume? No wonder we think dreamypixel is such a superstar!

I think Triple Rewards is a great incentive…Over the last few months I have focused more on making videos than photographs, and Triple Rewards has played a big part in this decision.

Ales dreamypixel

The majority of dreamypixel’s photos and videos are taken in Slovenia, which they describe as “a hidden jewel of Europe”.

If you take a look at dreamypixel’s portfolio on Elements, you’ll see alpine peaks, emerald rivers, medieval castles, thriving cities and the small but distinctive coast of Slovenia.

You’ll also notice that Ales is also quite handy with a drone. Using a drone allows him to get unique perspectives for his video and photography content.

Interview with Ales from dreamypixel

How long have you been creating stock footage content for?

I have been making stock videos for about three years. But over the past year I have been shooting stock footage more seriously. 

At the moment, I am trying to go out with my drone at least twice a week to shoot a sunrise.

What inspires you to make new stock footage content?

I am a photographer by profession so when I shoot sunrises and sunsets I usually search for good spots for photographs. But, I can almost always shoot a few videos at the same time as well.

What was your favorite video shoot that you’ve ever done?

My favorite shoot ever was one I did on a cold winter morning, just after we had a lot of fresh snow the night before. 

That morning was just beautiful, with a low fog around the village and in the forest. The scene was really magical and I took a lot of my favorite photographs and videos that day.

What do you think about Triple Rewards?

I think it’s a great incentive and I definitely shot more videos because of that. The last few months I’ve focused more on making videos than photographs and Triple Rewards played a big part in this decision.

What is your top tip for other Authors who want to make the most of Triple Rewards?

I only shoot nature and landscape so I can only speak about those. I always watch the weather forecast closely and will mostly shoot when there are foggy conditions at sunrise. I just love the magical scenes the fog creates.

Who is another Envato Elements Author who inspires you?

 I like the work of antonpetrus and Galyna_Andrushko.

Left: The wooden tower of To-ji Temple in Kyoto at autumn, antonpetrus;
Right: Hike in Patagonia by Galyna_Andrushko

Thanks so much to Ales, our Stock Footage Superstar from dreamypixel for taking part in this series. Stay tuned for our next installment!

Remember: Triple Rewards is running for stock footage, motion graphics, and video templates until 3 May 2022.

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Unless otherwise credited, all pictures in this article are from dreamypixel’s portfolio.

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