Featured Author: Meet BLAQMATRIX

Check out our latest interview with Vlad and Tanya, a.k.a BLAQMATRIX – a talented Video Author from Belarus. Get to know their story, experiences and tips on how to create a successful and unique portfolio.

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.

Amelia Earhart

Interview with BLAQMATRIX

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

We are a family—mother and father of a little daughter. We are also young artists.

We are open to cooperation with interesting and talented people. We like conversations about technology, art, and design. During our free time, we also enjoy listening to good music and watching good films.

Vlad and Tanya, the creatives behind BLAQMATRIX

How did you get started?

“A few years ago, we finished our fine arts education. We studied in the one course together, so we were very used to working as a team. I’m introvert and my wife is an extrovert, so our different skills helped us work together.

When we started to get interested in motion graphics and design, we discovered Envato’s ecosystem with dozens of tutorials and courses. We think that Envato is the best place to start learning some new skills and translating them into practice.

We started work from scratch. It was a very hard period in our life. We are always trying to think about our customers and finding a better solution for them.”

We tend to stick to prioritising quality over quantity. We’d rather have fewer items that are high quality than have dozens of lower quality items.

Vlad and Tanya BLAQMATRIX

What do you love about your work and why?

“We love that we are free to choose what we do and how we do it. You don’t have deadlines. You can plan your work in accordance with your own unique vision and strategy.”

What’s the most challenging thing about your work?

“I think that creative work is always a hard type of work. When you are doing a new project, you often need to use a lot of emotions and energy.”

NFT Metaverse Promo – Premiere Pro

Is where you live a good place to be a creative professional and why?

“We believe that in our modern society, it is not so important where you are based. It is more important who surround you. Envato is a community of like-minded peoples without any borders like religion, region or gender.”

Who inspires you and why?

“We are inspired by Authors who make bold decisions. Those who do not pursue fame or fast income.”

Heavy Glitch Promo – Premiere Pro

What are some of the biggest lessons that have impacted your work?

  • You must always think about customers.
  • You should be ready for failures and successes.
  • Your decisions might not work out well for the market, so you should be ready to fix problems.
  • Don’t be shy. Be open for conversations.

What is your advice to other Authors regarding how to create a successful portfolio?

  • Find and choose your own niche.
  • Be ready to leave the comfort zone.
  • Analyze markets, start-ups, new applications and interesting solutions in the network.
  • Try to provide the best solutions in your niche.

What tools and resources (online or offline) do you use? e.g apps, editing tools.

“We keep our attention on our social media profiles. We work with Twitter and Instagram more right now, and we are testing different tools for posting on social media to try to find a balance.”

Instagram Fashion Opener

What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

“We like discovering new places, traveling or just enjoying a good evening.

What are your plans for the future?

“We would like to continue to develop our portfolio and acquire new skills. We would also like to increase the quality of design and technical side of projects.

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You can check out BLAQMATRIX’s VideoHive portfolio here, or have a look at what they have on Elements here. If you have any questions, want to continue the conversation, or connect with Vlad and Tanya, jump over to the forums and say hello!

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