International Women’s Day: 8 of our Incredible Female Designers on Envato

To celebrate International Women’s Day, 8 talented female artists on Envato Elements share their words of wisdom for other women working in creative industries. Get ready to be inspired!

Kaleriia (Kaleriia Tverdokhlib)

Elements Author Kaleriia is passionate about drawing women and girls of all shapes and sizes and loves celebrating the female form.

“I really love to draw women,” she says. “ I adore the styles of other nations—Eastern, African, Northern, Asian—I draw geishas, odalisques, and simply stylish and strong modern women.”

Drawing inspiration from other artists and creators, Kaleriia has a deep respect for her fellow Envato authors. “There are many ladies in the Envato community who inspire me a lot and whom I sincerely admire.”

Kaleriia’s advice for other aspiring artists is to just keep pushing towards their dream.

“Winston Churchill said, ‘Success is not final. Failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.’ If you love what you do, there should be no barriers for you. Turning any frustration (and there are always many on the way to success) into an incentive to improve your abilities is the main principle.”

NassyArt (Anastasia Smiyan)

Anastasia Smiyan—working under the name NassyArt is well known in the creative community for her gorgeous line art and watercolor illustrations. You can find her work on platforms such as Envato, Behance and Instagram.

I always wanted to make the world more visually beautiful and aesthetic, and that’s why I decided to become an artist,” says Anastasia. “Other artists inspire me most: there is nothing better than finding a mentor, as they help you develop skills faster and better.”

As a woman who has worked in art and design for many years, Anastasia has these words of wisdom for other women looking to do the sam

“My main rule is to do everything possible that I can do today, don’t put off my dreams… go to my goal from that moment. Keep calm and never give up!” 

EvgeniyaPorechenskay (Eugenia Porechenskaya)

Envato author EvgeniyaPorechenskay is a connoisseur of unique yet perfectly commercial photographs, her photographs scream “pay attention to me, I am bright!”. Her main goal is to create recognisable, aesthetically pleasing work that sells, and that’s exactly what she’s doing on Envato.

“The meaning of my work is to surpass and surprise myself in every new photo session, to make each new project a way to enjoy it myself.” But behind every successful creative is a trail of challenges and mistakes—and Eugenia is no exception. 

“I started my work based on industry trends, looked at what was on the top and thought imitating these photos could be successful. This was my main mistake,” she reveals. 

Her advice to other female artists is simple: “Don’t be afraid to experiment, and don’t be afraid to be unique. Do what you really like and then you will be successful.”

A_slowik (Aleksandra Slowik)

A_Slowik, aka Aleksandra Slowik, studied art at both school and university, giving her the tools to carve out a career for herself as an artist and illustrator. Drawing inspiration from esotericism and meditation, Aleksandra specialises in sacred geometry and magical symbols, making her one of the most unique authors on Envato Elements. 

“I get all my symbols and drawings through meditation. I try to make something unique and high-quality for people, so that they can enjoy and expand their opportunities” says Aleksandra.

As an empowered female artist, Aleksandra had these words of wisdom for her fellow female creators:

“There is nothing more beautiful than your inner unique world. Do not betray yourself for the sake of fashion, do not imitate, do not go for money. Do not make yourself unhappy. Happiness is in the original expression of oneself. Don’t be afraid of anything!”

Frimages (Franzi)

Frimages, also known as Franzi, is a talented artist, illustrator, and world traveler. Working as a full-time freelance illustrator, Franzi draws inspiration from her love of travelling, sharing her delicate artworks on Envato, Instagram and her website.

“My aim is to create art that is useful to others, art that makes books look more beautiful, blog posts more interesting, and stories more exciting,” Franzi says. “I love travelling, therefore cities, maps and the diversity of people around the world are my favorite topics.”

Her advice to other female designers and artists just starting out is to never give up. 

“I’ve seen extremely talented women who have tried working as freelancers, but they gave up too easily and quickly,” explains Franzi. “Believe in yourself and don’t compare yourself to all the other brilliant artists out there – everyone has something unique to give, and so do you.”

Webvilla (Beata Pijanowska)

Envato Author Webvilla, also known as Beata Pijanowska, is a freelance designer passionate about graphics, design and collaborating with people around the world, she specialises in romantic floral and watercolor illustrations as well as website and mobile templates, which she shares on her Instagram account and website

While she’s already a successful creative in her own right, Webvilla is always looking to other female artists for inspiration. 

“I admire Masastarus—she is an incredible fresh artist and her illustrations are so innovative, I could look at them all day!”.

Passionate about learning and evolving as an artist, Beata has this advice for other women wanting to pursue a career in the creative industries: “Never stop learning. New techniques, new programs, new approaches in graphic design and when it comes to what you shouldn’t do—don’t compare yourself to others”

Pixel Colours (Bec Ralec)

Pixel Colours, aka Bec Ralec, is a talented designer and founder of Pixel Colours Design Studio.  Bec specialises in chic design elements and hand-drawn fonts, and her Envato portfolio is overflowing with gorgeous, romantic typography and quaint handwritten fonts. 

“I have loved art since I was a child,” Bec reveals. “When I was 13 I got a DOS computer without any programs, and spent hours trying to draw with just paint and text.”

Bec’s greatest advice to other designers is—practice makes perfect. 

“Practice is your best teacher; you will improve and learn from every single project you do. We are not perfect, so instead of trying to perfect every little detail, finish that project and move to the next. I admire every designer’s work as I know the hours and even months that it takes to complete a project and the love and effort that is behind each product.”

Telllu (Ingga Endita Nafasyah)

Telllu is known for creating colourful, punchy graphics. Founded by Ingga Endita Nafasyah, Telllu not only produces digital assets, but also hosts creative community workshops in Indonesia.

Although Ingga studied graphic design, at the beginning of her career she spent most of her time doing craft projects. She then began creating fonts and digital assets as second line products, which led her to join the Envato community. 

“I always make sure that everything is user-friendly, well organised and customisable. My favourite item to create is line art, as you can use it in logos, artwork, printed design, branding – the list goes on.”

As a designer who has worked hard to get where she is today, this is Ingga’s advice for other aspiring designers or digital artists wanting to achieve their dream: 

“Keep exploring, always feed your curiosity and stop trying to be someone else.”

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