7 Best YouTube Channels for Music Producers

Hi! My name is Leo, a.k.a Sokolovsky and I’m an Envato AudioJungle Author.

As a Music Producer I understand how important self-development is for our profession. Thanks to YouTube, there are lots of channels that help us to improve recording, producing and mixing skills.

In this article, I will feature some of my favorite YouTube channels for Music Producers! 

1. Produce like a Pro

This channel is founded by multi-platinum producer, Warren Huart. On his channel, Warren shares a lot of useful music production and mixing tips He also posts studio tours and interviews with famous producers such as Eddie Kramer, Dave Pensado and Chris Lord-Alge to name but a few, which provides lots of inspiration. Among other things, Warren has his own style which makes his videos interesting and entertaining.

2. The Recording Revolution

This channel is founded by Graham Cochrane and one of the main messages is that –  you don’t need expensive equipment to make great records. Sometimes people come up with excuses like “I don’t have this $2000 monitor or this premium plugin, so that is why my records don’t sound professional.” If your thoughts are like this – definitely visit this channel. Besides mixing and producing tips, Graham also posts short motivational videos that will let you close your browser, open your DAW and start working.

3. Future Music Magazine

This is a channel by Future Music Magazine that is oriented mainly for electronic music and there are a lot of tips and tricks for Electronic Musicians, but the main feature of this channel, in my opinion, is The Track and In The Studio With Series, where musicians break down the creation of their tracks. Even though this is primarily focused on electronic music, I often check out these videos when I’m stuck in some stages of music production.

4. Andrew Huang 

This channel is as fun as it’s interesting and helpful. In his videos, Andrew makes music with unexpected things, like a piano dropped from 20ft or Donald Trump’s sniff. It’s really fun, but it also can inspire new approaches to sampling and music making. Moreover, there are a lot of nice reviews on electronic music stuff, tutorials, and other interesting videos related to creative music production.

5. Waves Audio

Waves is one of the most famous developers of audio plugins. On their YouTube channel, they post short mixing and production tips as well as full masterclasses with the world’s best Engineers. Despite only using Waves plugins in their videos, this is useful for all people who work with music (even if you don’t have waves plugins) because this a lot of cheaper and sometimes includes free analogs.

6. Rick Beato

Rick Beato is a Teacher and Writer/Producer who works primarily in rock and country styles, but his channel is more about music than sound. This is useful for those who want to expand their knowledge in music theory. There are also really interesting discussions on his channel such as: ‘Is Rock music Dead’ or ‘Does age influence music ability and taste.’ 

7. Pensado’s Place

This is a weekly show from one of the most famous mixing Engineers, Dave Pensado. I was very surprised when I found this channel because it’s really like a tv show about mixing recording and producing!

You can find interesting interviews with some of the best world’s mixing Engineers (there are interviews with Graham Cochrane). Check it out here and watch the video with Warren Huart here.

Besides interviews, there is also a series of videos called Into The Lair with some short and very useful tips from Dave.

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