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5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

Digital marketing is constantly evolving and it’s important for businesses to keep up with the trends to stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, customers search Elements for high-quality and unique digital assets every day to help bring their digital marketing strategies to life. That’s why, as an Envato Author, it’s so important to stay on top of the latest digital marketing trends.

So what are the digital marketing trends that will shape the coming year? From Digital CX to TikTok domination, get ahead with these top digital marketing trends for 2023.

1. Realignment of Online & Offline Marketing

Author Credit: Rendertm

Despite online marketing dominating the advertising world, brands are beginning to explore the opportunities presented by offline promotional marketing. We predict that 2023 will be all about omnichannel marketing by complementing online activity with real-world, immersive experiences.

“Multi-channel marketing has been around for a while now, which means that marketers have become better at building their marketing strategy on multiple platforms,” says Roxana Motoc, Head of Marketing at SocialBee. “Because this trend brings audiences a fully-fledged experience of the brand, omnichannel marketing will be super relevant in 2023.”

For customers looking to make their online marketing pop, these animated Instagram templates by WildOnes will help to bring their online presence to life. For those looking to explore offline marketing, this billboard mockup by spacestudios will help customers to elevate their advertising game.

One Author making waves in the ‘offline marketing’ space is Rendertm, they create a variety of customizable mock-ups from billboards, city posters, business cards, and even sauce bottle mockups to help customers think outside of the box.

We predict there will be a high demand for offline marketing templates in 2023, so if you have high-quality mockups, now would be the time to upload them to Elements.

2. TikTok Continues to Dominate

Author Credit: JustaMotion

Did you think TikTok was just for teenagers sharing dance routines? Well, think again!

The world’s fastest-growing social media channel is now also being used as a search engine. According to Google, up to 40% of 18-to-24-year-olds use TikTok as a source of information

“TikTok is used by 30.25% of the world’s internet users – that’s over 1 billion active monthly users globally. On average, users spend 90 minutes a day on the app. Having a presence on TikTok as part of your marketing strategy is becoming just as important as coming up in Google Search results,” says Hannah Copeland, Senior Social Media Specialist at Envato.

With that said, more and more customers are looking to establish a presence on the platform. So we are seeing an increase in demand for social media content, especially in the video template space.

Using cool templates like this one by Typo-land will help customers to create a social presence that stands out from the crowd. While these fun TikTok Elements by JustaMotion are a great example of how brands can get involved with this trend.

For more examples of great TikTok video templates, watch this video. If you want to learn more about TikTok and how customers are using it then check out this article by Hannah, Envato’s Senior Social Media Specialist.

3. More Emphasis on Digital CX

Author Credit: liviu_cerchez

An excellent digital customer experience rests in the ability to provide a great user experience—UI is an essential component of any marketing campaign.

Digital CX is becoming increasingly important to businesses. “As the world returns to ‘normal’, businesses will have to up their digital CX game because people are no longer constrained to online shopping,” says Jen McKinnon, Video Marketing Manager at Envato. “Digital CX now must be as personal, convenient, and enjoyable as a trip to the shopping mall.”

Over 65% of customers say that their experience on a website or app significantly influences their willingness to recommend a brand. Brands continue to close the digital and physical gap by delivering compelling customer experiences – such as virtual changing rooms and interactive product demonstrations. The Ikea Place app, for example, relies on AR technology to help shoppers see how an item would fit into their space before they visit a store.

An easy way for businesses to integrate better user experience is by focusing on smartphone optimization. Businesses that create mobile-optimized products or web pages are more likely to have a better customer experience. We predict that businesses will be looking for mobile app landing page templates like this one by vsart to improve their UI abilities.

“I think that interactive product tours are really going to take off in 2023,” says Todd Kunsman, Marketing Team Lead at EveryoneSocial. “Instead of filling out a form to get a demo, more people want to experience a product without talking to sales upfront. It could be a video walkthrough of the product or an interactive experience where the person can click around, but brands implementing this will have a competitive edge going into 2023.”

This wireframe and sitemap creator by Sargatal will come in handy for web designers who want to streamline the customer journey. While this WordPress Plugin by liviu_cerchez brings to life panorama photographs by manipulating original photography to create the most immersive user experience.

4. Brands Prioritize Authenticity & Transparency

Author Credit: uigodesign

Authenticity is essential for brands that want to connect with customers online so many businesses are investing in being more authentic and transparent in order to build trust and audience loyalty.

People want to see a genuine commitment to a cause, and 45% of Gen Z say that a brand ‘appearing trustworthy and transparent’ is a significant motivating factor for engagement. 

“In 2023 we’ll see more companies using digital marketing to authentically tell their brand’s story, as well as in improving their employer brand to attract not just customers, but also employees. This kind of storytelling involves using all the tools at marketers’ disposal – especially social media – to communicate the company’s mission, values, and employee stories. Investing in this kind of digital storytelling isn’t about a quick conversion; it’s about securing consumer trust and loyalty and transforming these customers into long-term brand ambassadors”, explains Laura Moss, Content Marketing Manager at EveryoneSocial.

For example, brands may highlight customer stories on their socials and even introduce employees to build a connection with their audience. This cute customizable testimonial template is a great way for brands to add feedback and five-star reviews to their social feeds. While this Instagram template by elmous allows brands to showcase the fun authentic side of their business.

5. Employee Brand Advocates & Influencers

Author Credit: Rometheme

We’re seeing brands utilize influencer-esque formats and enlist employees to create content. This includes Envato – you’ll notice a range of faces across our TikTok feed as our team gets in front of the camera in reaction to TikTok trends! 

Statistics show that employees can reach a 561% larger audience than official brand channels, so in 2023 we expect to see more and more companies investing in social media training and employee advocacy solutions. 

“Influencer marketing will continue to be effective in 2023, but I think more organizations will recognize the value of employee influencers specifically,” Todd explains. “We know influencer marketing works because people trust people over brands, so who better to market a company’s products — or the company itself – than the people who know it best?”

These Instagram templates by Rometheme are great for businesses looking to introduce employees on their socials. They’re easily customizable and will help to create the perfect profile post. While this TikTok promo by MotionMediaGroup is a great way for customers to promote their channels, which will help to raise their social game.

For more Digital Marketing trends, check out this article on the Envato Blog, which explores AI, Audio marketing, and SEO.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our Digital Marketing trend predictions. We look forward to seeing your work on Elements. For more visual trends, check out our 2023 branding trends.

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