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3 Envato Authors who use social media really well

Earlier this month I discussed the key elements to building your first social strategy. Learning the theory is fine, but seeing examples of people doing it well is even better. I went hunting around and discovered three Envato Market Authors across three of the bigger social channels who are getting it right.


The big one. The one everyone’s heard of. Facebook is well known, but it can be tough to get it right. Yet one Author who has managed to do so is Artbees. So what makes their page stand out?

Screenshot of Artbees' Facebook page cover photo.


Reading about a responsive page probably takes your mind somewhere completely different, but in this case I’m referring to the interactions with the people commenting on and interacting with the page. Whether it’s a support request or a friendly comment about something you’ve posted, showing that you’re around to chat is a great way to maintain engagement with your Facebook fans. Don’t worry if you can’t respond to everything in 5 minutes; just make sure that you’re friendly and genuine when you do get around to answering people. Whether it’s simply guiding people to the support link or providing more detailed responses, Artbees do a good job of making sure they interact with people posting to their page.

Good mix of content

What users see on Facebook is determined by an algorithm, and Facebook have openly stated that they’ll penalize content that feels too commercial or spammy. This means if you want to be seen in people’s feeds you need to make sure the stuff you’re posting is high-quality, interesting and more than just links to items you’re selling. Anything from candid photos of your workspace while you’re working on something new to an article relevant to your business that you’d like to share can help get you in a person’s feed. If you’re regularly getting positive interactions from people on your posts, it’s more likely that future posts will also be seen by more people.


As the second-largest search engine after Google, it’s worth getting YouTube right. Done correctly, it’s a great way to get your videos or music discovered. There’s a whole range of SEO tips worth reading about from Envato’s SEO Expert Kate Hunter which will help you up your YouTube discoverability, but here’s the extra thing that I think makes VideoHive Author MisterHorse’s account stand out.  

Screenshot of MisterHorse's YouTube channel cover photo.

Entertaining and engaging videos

You’ve already got the item preview on your page. YouTube’s a channel where people go to learn or be entertained, so it’s important to add a bit extra. Subscribers to get a good mix of videos; tutorials, item reviews, product demos. Creating a mix of content doesn’t have to mean you’re a one-person film studio. Just think about the ways you can show off your items or skills that go a step beyond the standard item preview.

Plenty of information

At a glance, it’s easy to see what the videos on this channel are about. The titles are descriptive, so we know whether we’ll be watching something about handy motion presets or an installation guide to the plugin. Likewise, the descriptions are concise but clear and give enough information to assess whether the video is what we’re looking for. Both of these factors are also important from a search perspective; just like with your item page, the title and description will factor into people finding you.


Unlike the previous two platforms, Twitter comes with a significant challenge; a character limit. How do you say what you want to say in 140 characters or less and make it interesting? One Author who finds a good balance is WPBakery. Here are a couple of things that set them apart.

Screenshot of WPBakery's Twitter profile.


This is important in any social channel, but arguably on Twitter most of all. The open nature of Twitter lends itself to having discussions and connecting with strangers. It’s also an incredibly popular platform for people to seek out customer service and advice on products. If you’re treating Twitter as a one way publishing platform without interacting then you’re definitely not getting the most out of the platform. Have a read through WPBakery’s tweets. They answer support queries from people, quote tweets they like with added commentary, and get involved in discussions relevant to their work.

Not just advertising

A really common error a lot of businesses make on Twitter is setting up an overly automated feed. If every tweet is just an identically worded ad for your latest item, why would people want to follow you? You’ll have much more success building a good follower base if you make it feel like there’s a person at the other end of the Twitter account. A good rule of thumb; ask if you’d find it interesting or useful if you saw it in your feed. You can still promote yourself, but think of unique ways to do it. Featuring positive feedback, questions about your audience’s favorite features in your newest item, or even commentary on how a bigger industry update could impact the products you’re making. Take a look at WPBakery’s account and you’ll see it’s got personality while still managing to promote their products.


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