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2022 Wrapped

As we get to the end of 2022, we’re taking the time to reflect on the year that was. Join us as we look back at everything our community has accomplished this year. 

It’s a bit of a long one—we’ve been busy—so let’s jump in!

Here’s just some of the things we achieved in 2022

Community Milestones

We launched our brand new Author Hub

In May this year, we unveiled our brand-new Author Hub. With a brand new url, refreshed branding, and stacks of new articles, the Hub is a one-stop-shop for Envato Authors to learn and grow their craft.

On the Author Hub, you’ll find guides and articles to help you join Elements and earn more from your items. You’ll also find insights into top trending items and customer searches of the month.

We’re so proud of the Author Hub and can’t wait to make it an even more valuable resource for Authors next year!

Envato officially went carbon neutral 

As a B Corp, we’re committed to reducing the negative impact we have on the environment. That’s why we were thrilled to announce in March 2022 that we became officially carbon neutral. Carbon neutral means that we offset more carbon emissions than we produced as an organization.

To do this, Envato partnered with Trace, a Sydney-based climate tech startup. Trace helped us measure the amount of carbon emissions we generate through our offices in Melbourne, Guadalajara and Los Angeles, as well as estimate the footprint of our remote staff and tech infrastructure.  

To maintain our carbon-neutral status, we’ll be regularly recalculating our offsets to match our emissions. We’re also striving to continually improve our practices to reduce our emissions. 

We celebrated our Sweet Sixteenth birthday—in style!

To celebrate Envato’s Sweet Sixteenth birthday, we asked our Authors to share their stories with us for a chance to win $2500.

We were blown away by the quantity (and quality!) of the responses we received. Hundreds of Authors took the time to share how Envato has helped them achieve creative success. 

Our first place winners were palmtreep and HushSounds. You can see their entries, as well as the entries of the 2nd and 3rd place winners here

Our LinkedIn community hit 4.5k followers

We launched the Envato Author Community page on LinkedIn just over a year ago, but it’s grown so much this year that we think it deserves a mention anyway. 

With over 4.5k followers on the page (and counting!), our LinkedIn page is a great place for you to connect with other Authors as professionals. We share real testimonials from our Authors, as well as industry insights and Author achievements. 

Make sure you’re following us and have listed the Envato Author Community as your employer on LinkedIn! That way, you won’t miss any of our posts.

Our Tuts+ YouTube channel achieved 1 million subscribers

In October this year, the Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel reached 1 million subscribers! The Tuts+ YouTube channel has accrued over 13 million hours of watch time (that’s 1,500+ years!).

As one of the web’s largest libraries of free creative and design tutorials, Tuts+ offers courses right across the digital-creative spectrum, from graphic design and photography to video-editing, web design, coding and business skills. 

Tuts+ has helped millions of creatives learn new skills and level up their expertise since it was launched in 2007. In 2021 alone, Tuts+ assisted more than 6 million on-site users per month alongside 26 million views on YouTube for the year.

Welcomed more than 1000 Twenty20 Authors into the Envato Author Community

Envato Elements welcomed more than 1 thousand new Authors into its community as some of our Twenty20 Authors migrated to Elements. 

As part of our broader strategy refresh announced in June this year, the sun was set on Twenty20. This was a tough decision, made to allow us to focus on empowering our creative community and staying competitive in the industry for Author earnings and customer desirability.

Our new Elements photographers have a dedicated section on our forums for them to get to know each other and connect with our community, so jump over and say hi to our newest Authors!

We stood by our Ukrainian community 

This one is a bit different to the others in the list. Many of our Authors and community members have been impacted by the devastating and violent invasion of Ukraine this year. That’s why we wanted to highlight our position and the work we’ve done to stand by our community.

In support of our Ukrainian Authors, Envato provided a $1 million USD package to offer financial assistance to this community. This included:

  • A Relief Grant for active Authors in Ukraine
  • Guaranteed earnings for Ukrainian Authors
  • Matched donations from our global team.

We know that the conflict isn’t over yet, and we’re committed to standing by our Ukrainian community throughout this challenging time. 

Envato Elements Milestones

We reached more than 500k subscribers on Elements

In September 2022, Envato announced that our unlimited subscription offering, Envato Elements, had surpassed the impressive milestone of reaching 500k subscribers. To put that into perspective, that’s more Elements subscribers globally than than the entire population of Malta!

When you add subscribers from Placeit to the number of Elements subscribers, Envato now counts more than 665,000 subscribers globally (more than the population of Luxembourg!)

We hit 10 million items on Elements

In 2022 we hit a new milestone for our content library on Elements: we passed the 10 million items milestone!

While this is a customer-related milestone, it’s important for our Authors too. More items on Elements means that our customers have access to all the on-trend, relevant and diverse content that they need.

It also means that Envato Elements cements its place as an industry-leading product, which drives customer growth and Author earnings.

We upgraded the Envato Author tools

It’s been a big year for the Envato Author dashboards! We’ve added a bunch of new reports and features to help improve the way that Authors track their earnings, item performance, and understand customer demand and content opportunities. 

Here are just some of the things you can do on the Envato Author Dashboards:

Envato Market Milestones

Market hit $1 billion USD in community earnings

Envato Market celebrated an enormous milestone early this year by passing the $1 billion USD mark in total community earnings. This helped to reaffirm its status as one of the world’s most successful online marketplaces.

As you know, we previously celebrated $1 billion USD in total community earnings in November 2020, which included Envato Market as well as Envato Elements, freelancer marketplace Envato Studio, creative templates tool Placeit and more.

This year’s milestone reflects the community earnings generated from Envato Market alone. More than 52,000 creatives earned more than $96m USD on Envato Market in the last 12 months.

This means that we have now helped creatives earn more than $1.3 billion USD across all of our sites— a reflection of the amazing talent and skill in our Author community.

Envato Market was ranked as one of the world’s best marketplaces

Envato Market has been listed for the third year running on a ranking of the top 100 largest consumer-facing marketplaces and private companies.

The Marketplace 100, published by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, ranked Envato 38th on their now annual list, making it the only Australian company to be listed.

CEO Hichame Assi reflected on what this recognition means and how it reflects on our global Author community. “Our marketplace is nothing without our creators, and this result demonstrates the global impact they and our team are having.”

More than 400 Market Authors celebrated Elite milestones

Hundreds of Envato Market Authors celebrated incredible personal and business milestones of their own this year. 

Our Elite Program recognizes Authors who have had outstanding success on the marketplace. This year, we had more than 400 Authors celebrate Elite Author milestones with us on Envato Market. Of those, 37 reachied Power Elite status (>$1 million USD in total earnings).

Special congratulations are also due to p-themes and Goodlayers. Both of these Authors reached the phenomenal milestone of $10 million USD in earnings this year!

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